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Riello Galatrek supplies a wide range of standard and custom uninterruptible and standby power systems. For assistance contact our sales team for general product enquiries or our Technical Energy Consultants (TEC) for special projects.


Dialog UPS networking range
Dialog Networking range - large servers, networks and processes
On-line UPS single phase 3k3-4kVA, 6-10kVA, 10-20kVAOn-line UPS three phase 10-60kVA
Dialog UPS industrial range
Dialog Industrial range - Enterprise wide and buildings
On-line UPS single phase 30-100kVA
On-line UPS three phase
10-200kVA, 250-800kVA
Dialog UPS 19" rackmount range
Dialog 19" Rackmount range
Line Interactive sinewave UPS 500-2000VA, 2200-5000VA
On-line UPS 700-3000VA, 3k3-4kVA, 10-30kVA
  19" Rackmount options
Maintenance bypasses, Inverters, 19" cabinets
Dialog CSS stanbdy power system range
Dialog CSS range: 3k3-800kVA for Emergency Lighting and Security Applications with additional generator backup for very long runtimes.

Transient energy can be financially devastating…

Whether generated on site by electrically noisy hardware or externally by lightning strikes, transient energy can be financially devastating. Data processing errors, manufacturing faults, and hardware damage can all lead to costly system downtime.

The probability of transients being the root cause of your power problems continues to rise, driven by factors such as changes in the environment, microprocessor technology compression, the growing interconnectivity between networks and the need to locate hardware in more exposed locations.

Few solid state devices can tolerate much more than twice their nominal rating.

IEEE 1100-1992, The Emerald Book

More than 80% of mains power problems
are transient and noise related.

IBM Systems Development Division

…find out more about Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS)


Riello Galatrek Dialog Dual UPS

ep award Dialog Dual has won The Electrical Products 2004 award for Technological Innovation beating strong competition from many leading companies within the electrical and electronics fields. This comes in addition to Riello UPS recently winning the Frost and Sullivan Award for innovation and business strategy.

Riello Galatrek Plug Dialog UPS

The NEW Plug Dialog (available in the UK from August 04) from Riello UPS provides ideal power protection for personal computers, scanners, printers, modems TVs, DVD readers, Playstations, Hi-fis, phone and fax machines requiring over voltage and mains failure protection. The compactness, versatility (a push-button switch with LED-based mimic panel and user-replaceable batteries) and functionality of the Plug Dialog allow it to easily fit into any small office and home environment.

Riello Galatrek MasterDialog UPS

NEW models in the Master Dialog range: three phase output power modules to 800kVA, and new single phase output modules from 30-100kVA.

VA of Master Dialog UPS has recently been delivered to China Mobile.

The Riello Technical Energy Consultants (TEC) team recently launched the Riello Galatrek UPS Academy for UPS sales, service and engineer training.

Riello Galatrek UPS Service logo

There may never be an ideal time to get your UPS serviced but without regular maintenance and inspection your UPS could be about to fail and its battery ready for replacement. Riello Galatrek UPService offers one of the most competitive sources for battery testing, replacement and removal in the UK.



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