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UPS Power Management Software

We've made network power management easy and affordable!

  • Automatic shutdown
  • Paging and broadcast power abnormal status
  • Schedule system shutdown / reboost
  • Graphical display of power quality
  • Smart save files
  • Tracks power events
  • Multiple UPS / SYSTEM monitoring

Why is an UPS not enough ?

  • Batteries won't last forever
  • Users are not notified of UPS power status
  • UPS doesn't guarantee an orderly operating system shutdown
  • UPS continues discharging unless manually turned off by user

Most Lans & PC's use the UPS for protection from power failure and data loss. That's not good enough because a UPS can only provide limited battery output. When power failure occurs, someone has to shut down the file server, or there is a possibility of abnormal power down and operating system corruption.

Our intelligent power monitoring software, UPSMON, detects the status of UPS through communication port. When power failure occurs, the software senses the status and broadcasts warning messages to users. When internal timer counts to zero, the software will close open files, shutdown the systems and turn off UPS power.


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